Day 24

August 10, 2004

Elkins, WV to Harrrisonburg, VA


Over the Appalachians is where we’re headed today.  The sun rises over a ridge that we’ll be crossing.


Early morning mist shroud the valleys


“Ski” pulling on arm warmers at a rest stop at the top of one of today’s many climbs.  Some of the climbs and descents were over 1,500 feet.


Some awesome views along a ridge.


“Ski” giving us a RAMM tip: after every sip of water, put on some Chapstik to protect your lips.


Dena (in yellow) at the lunch stop.  Her massage therapy last night helped me get through today’s ride.


Steve adding some graffiti


he wrote “PAC 04” to go along with “PAC 01”, elsewhere on the rocks.



Today’s message board


and progress.


Some more good advice on the side of the PAC Tour van 



speaking of the van, see the fur around the license plate screws in the picture, below?  As of today, there is now one less Black bear in the Shenandoah Mountains


Profile and statistics

Today, we got hills.  Lot’s of em’.  Some were very long with some steep switchbacks over 15 percent gradient.  While the average speed was low, I had a good day.  Although a bit warmer today, the weather continues to be nearly ideal.