Day 22

August 8, 2004

Troy, OH to Athens, OH


Early morning views


Walt out of action today, due to sore leg muscles.  I really missed Walt - we usually end up riding a portion of each day, together.  I know I’m on track and having a good day when I see Walt at the lunch break. 


The second rest stop was at a city park with a huge gazebo.


Marlene and Alan getting ready to roll again after a rest stop.  Alan is checking out his cue sheet – today’s cue sheet really needed just two lines:  1) Get on Rt 55 for 25 miles.  2) Turn on Rt 56 East and stay on this for the rest of the day.  And it was a pretty long day: 153 miles.


Joyce had a family entourage today, riding along with her.


Rich ‘Ski’s’ lunch, every day: chocolate pudding:


Today’s route took into the Hocking Hills region and followed a RAMM route for most of the day.



The last field of soybeans before we head into the hills


Here’s Marc at a rest stop, halfway through the Hocking Hills – maybe those flat soybean fields weren’t so bad after all…


It was nice to finally have some shaded roads to ride in, for a change.


Today’s message board


and progress today.


Walter is happy to be checking into his hotel room.  Walter is a wonderful riding companion; riding together into the lunch stop, the miles seemed to really fly by.


Bonus: my room has a hot tub!  I’m there as soon as I get this web update out.



Profile and statistics

We had some choppy rollers around mile 20 that reminded me of Wisconsin.  Then we had a nice smooth road with gradual descent and tailwind that brought us into the lunch stop around mile 90.  And then we hit the Hocking Hills.  This section was quite punishing with sharp rollers that had gradients of over 14 percent.  The pavement was real rough, too, that made my feet sore.  The hills seemed to go on forever and the climbing seemed much more than the 3,200 feet we actually had.  Weather continues to be fabulous.