Day 20

August 6, 2004

Dwight, IL to Wabash, IN


Illinois is done, bring on - Hey!, who the heck took the state sign?


looks like we’re in Indiana, now!


The view down the road, near the Indiana border


an unusal house with big pond – seems out of place – not your typical prairie homestead.


Lunch was at a church in Milroy.  As usual, Ski had his bowl of pudding despite all the enticing PAC Tour offerings.


Marlene from Texas showing off her cool jersey – I’m no Latin scholar, but I think the translation is: “We came, We saw, We threw up”


I rode with Judy from Minnesota the other day.  Judy finished PBP in 1995, riding in the 80 hour group with a time of 78 hours!  She also rode in 1999.  In 1995, you needed 2 years of brevets in order to qualify.


Riding in Indiana – corn on the left – soybeans on the right – road is butt-aching flat and goes on and on …


Daniel catching the wheel of a fast tandem, piloted by Les and stoked by Marlene.  The tandem is Doug and Susie Slack’s awesome Lightspeed – they’ve graciously let a number of different riders borrow it.


Small town, USA – you got your Christmas Pageant in December and the Lawn Mower race in July to look forward to.


Passed by a very old cemetary that deserved a closer look


this headstone is very old, indeed


Noticed lots more churches, these past two days.  Methodist seems to be the franchise of choice.


Today’s message board


and progress.



Profile and statistics

Today was a very long day.  A slight headwind seemed to make this long day even longer.  But hey, at least it was shorter than a 300K brevet by a few miles, shorter than a 400K by 80 miles, and shorter than a 600K by 200 miles.  And on PBP, the last 170 miles is practically the home stretch.  Thinking about these longer rides is one way to deal with the longer PAC Tour days.  Again, we had fantastic weather.  Leg warmers in the morning and only high 70’s later on, even in the sun. 


Today, I rode pretty steady in the morning and finished strong.  However, there was a 30 mile stretch after lunch that was difficult for me – couldn’t seem to get the bike going more than 14 MPH during that stretch.  Meeting up with a group of other riders seemed to perk me up for the ride into the hotel.