Day 19

August 5, 2004

Beloit, WI to Dwight, IL


We got a real boost today in the form of a 20+ MPH tail wind for most of the day.


A “John Deer” tandem


At lunch, Rev. E had friends and congregation members waiting to meet him …


A barge on the Illinois river


Passing by a farm with lots of goats …


The view for most of the day: long straight roads with miles of flat farmland.


Today’s message board and …


progress today.


Profile and statistics

The story today is the great tailwind.  It literally blew us down the road.  No problem maintaining a 22 MPH pace.  There were a few sections where we had a crosswind that really made us appreciate the free ride we were getting.  The notch around mile 120 is when we crossed the Illinois River.  Temperatures were cold enough in the morning for leg warmers -- felt like a crisp, Fall day.