Day 14

July 31, 2004

Murdo, SD to Mitchell, SD


Beehives on the side of the road.  We were warned to keep our jerseys zipped!


The view on down the road


 and the view off to the side


Today’s first rest stop was in Presho at a Pioneer Museum.


Passed some morning miles with Mike from LA.  He mentioned that he prefers riding in the heat.  Careful of what you ask for, Mike


The lunch stop had some derelict cars near by.  Unsafe at any speed.



At the end of a long, hot day.  Judy is happy because she spend the day stoking a tandem with John.  “E” and Leonard in “recovery mode”


Remember, Leonard, we’re having fun, right?  Leonard is an Elite PAC-RAMM veteren.  Along with Rich “Ski”, they crossed the country in 18 days, riding sunrise to sundown averaging nearly 200 miles per day!  Most impressive.


Today’s message board


 and progress.  We’re more than half way home!


 this storm cell spawned some tornados near Sioux City.


Profile and statistics

The notch in the profile around mile 70 is when we crossed the Missouri River.  Temperature started comfortably warm in the morning and can best be described as a BLAZING INFERNO by the end of the day.  Average speed was pretty hot, too, thanks to some paceline cooperation.