Day 9

July 26, 2004

Columbus, MT to Cody, WY


At the first rest stop for a Picture Day retake


News flash: Drunk racoon tragically killed last night while carelessly crossing the street with his shades on



Ski checking out a historical marker near a stream


the historical marker


and more markers



riding through a small Montana town


Montana is finally done – bring on Wyoming


We spent the morning dodging rain showers.  Here’s one off to the left


while off to our right, the skies are clear


Lots of mountains all around


this road went on forever – a good 20 miles before we hit the hills in the distance


This PAC Tour rider felt she didn’t get her fair share of pain today


Today’s message board


and today’s progress – the climbing shown below is false advertising; it was actually over 6,000 feet today



Profile and statistics (absolute altitude is wrong). 

This was an above average hard day.  Lots of long steady climbs.  We had some fun rollers starting at mile 30 (felt just like home in PA).  And then we had the big descent around mile 50 … I only got up to 47 MPH (descending has never been my strong suit); most riders got over 50 and one tandem hit 59 MPH.  We entered Wyoming at mile 75.  The route from here to the finish was a real slog over some gnarly roads … lots of rough pavement with loose gravel.