Day 7

July 24, 2004

Butte, MT to Bozeman, MT


Here I am, at the continental divide on top of Pipestone Pass.  There used to be a sign indicating this -- I guess we need to cut and paste this in.



some other riders at Pipestone Pass.  Lon on the left is taking pictures for Picture Day.  The pictures will be mounted on an engraved plaque to commemorate our trip.


The shots below really dont do justice to how beautiful the scenary was today


rolling hills with little traffic clear skies cruising on down the road life is pretty good


Riding along the Madison River


crossing the Madison River


lunch on the banks of the Madison River


Some kids having some fun in the river


PAC Tour mascot, Bisti, enoyed the water, too!  Shes waiting for somebody to throw a rock in the water so she can go fetch it


Todays message board.  We were split into 2 hotels.


Ski pointing out


our progress so far



Profile and statistics (absolute altitude is wrong). 

We started the day with a 900 climb to the continental divide at Pipestone Pass.  As you can see from the temperature graph, the day started chilly and actually got a bit colder as we climbed.  I was glad I had my leg warmers on.  The climb seemed to go quickly as I chatted with Leonard.  Leonard is working through some serious saddle sore issues he was sitting for the climb but told me he planned to ride standing on the peddles for the rest of the day.  The 30 mile descent from the continental divide was a nice break.  Later in the day, we had a 20 mile descent right into lunch.  I took the rest of the day pretty easy in order to recover from yesterdays paceline efforts.