Day 4

July 21, 2004

Sand Point, ID to Thompson Falls, MT


Riding with Walt from Ohio, early in the ride.  In the background is a huge lake formed by the glaciers.


Heres me at the lake!


Overlooking a lake.  It was completely still and quiet with a mirror-like quality.


My riding companions for a good portion of the day.


View at the rest stop.  Were now in Montana.


Rich Ski at the rest stop.


E and Ski at the hotel, standing next to some contraption.


Here I am, checking out the sights in Thompson Falls


The old jail house in Thompson Falls converted into an interesting museum


Friendly member of the local historical society, showing off some of the exhibits in the museum


a display showing the development of the dam near the falls



Old theater in Thompson Falls.  Only showing on Fri-Sun.


Another Osprey nest


The story of Thompson Falls.  PPL now owns the hydro-power operation.


more info


and heres the dam used to generate the hydro power


and this is where the power house is


Big Sky country


Warning on hiking path near dam


Profile and statistics (absolute altitude is wrong).  Another recovery day probably wouldve been more of a recovery if I hadnt hammered all day with Rich Ski Average speed was pretty high today.  Temperature spikes are probably from the bike baking in the sun during a rest stop!