Day 3

July 20, 2004

Spokane, WA to Sand Point, ID



Starting out, things didnŪt exactly go according to plan.  The bridge we were supposed to cross is under construction.  Some critical parts are definitely missing  ÷


An honest to goodness bike lane around Spokane ÷


Lon fixing a blown derailleur.  The rider had removed his chain the day before for cleaning.  Apparently, it didnŪt exactly go back on the way it should have.  Tie wraps are used to get the bike back on the road.


Yesterday, Melissa from Austraila had a mishap crossing some treacherous RR tracks.  She has a broken shoulder blade.  The visit to the emergency room was also a misadventure.  After getting stitches above her eyebrow, another doctor came in and decided it had to be redone. Ouch!


žBig WheelÓ attraction in Newport ÷



Washington is done, bring on Idaho ÷


On the Lewis and Clark trail ÷


Friendly park ranger at Albeni Falls÷


Albeni Falls dam÷.




Huge lake in Idaho ÷


÷ we had our own private bike path for getting across the lake÷


÷ and the trains have their own bridge ÷


Wild life (osprey)÷


Riding with Doug ÷


Our progress so far ÷


Profile and statistics (absolute altitude is wrong).  This is a so-called žrecovery dayÓ ÷.