"Preliminary" Results for 300K Quakertown Brevet - June 4, 2005
Special note:

11 Finishers

RUSA Members
11 Current

2902 Bunin Royal PA
Suburban Cyclists
2503 Crawley Mary Villanova PA
Randonneurs USA
2826 Creager William
Randonneurs USA
2171 Hand Judson East Brunswick NJ
Central Jersey Bicycle Club-930001
3023 Harris Guy Asbury NJ
New Jersey Randonneurs-930029
1357 Koch Goon Schwenksville PA
Suburban Cyclists Unlimited-938014
PEND Levy Douglas Willow Grove PA
2813 Olsen William Califon NJ
New Jersey Randonneurs-930029
3030 Scheetz Steve King of Prussia PA
Suburban Cyclists Unlimited-938014
2583 Shapiro Paul Princeton Junction NJ
Princeton Freewheelers-930027
Tufford Ben Robbinsville NJ
Skylands Cycling-930030
The New Jersey Randonneurs put on a 300k brevet on June 4th in Pennsylvania. Randonneurs USA thanks the NJR volunteers for working hard to put on a good ride despite the unexpected absence of Diane Goodwin due to car trouble the morning of the ride. It turned out that this ride had an unexpected outcome after the finish.

At one point there was a turn on the route sheet where several riders turned, became lost and went off-course. These riders retraced their path and got themselves back on track finishing the brevet successfully, in accordance with normal randonneuring rules.

Two other riders, however, missed a different turn but didn't realize their mistake until much later and after missing the secret controle. At the next checkpoint they checked in with the worker there, who discovered their mistake. They then consulted the ride organizer, by phone about their gaffe. He instructed them to ride onward, and that there would be a time penalty added on after the ride. After the brevet was done, these two riders were subsequently given a DQ by the Regional Brevet Administrator, Diane Goodwin, for not completing the official route, which is indeed needed to earn a brevet. However, the Board of Directors of Randonneurs USA unanimously voted reinstated the two wayward riders' results. They should have ridden the entire route correctly to earn their brevet like the other participants, but they did follow the ride organizer's instructions in good faith and were not trying to shortcut the route since they checked in with the next control worker they encountered.

Hopefully next time they will read the route sheet more carefully, or if they get lost they will know to back-track find the point needed to resume the event route.

Bill Bryant,
President RUSA