Doral Forrestal Hotel - 100 College Rd East, Princeton, NJ
609.452.7800 - There are no rooms at Doral. Holiday Inn or Hampton Inn (Independence Way and Rt 1, Princeton, respectively) might have rooms available.

If you booked at Doral, you can park there. The Doral is overbooked and using all spaces, park in Forrestal Village Center (College Road West, other side of Rt 1, which is where Westin Hotel is. Our desinated parking area is close to Houghton Lane and College Road West - the northwest corner of the parking lot. We have a license agreement with the management company.

DIRECTIONS to Forrestal Village Center Parking lot:
From NYC:
Take NJ Turnpike S to Exit 9 (New Brunswick) .... Take Exit toward Princeton (Rt 18 and US1) ..... Take US1 South (exit is immediately to right) and follow US1 South until College Road West (first turn after Independence Way). Bear right onto College Road West and take first turn (Houghton Lane) into parking lot - or just look for cars with bikes on the roof!

Opens at 3 a.m. - Riders leave at 4 a.m. SHARP!

If you think you are running late or are lost, phone 646-335-3855 (Diane).
You can phone the Doral as well, 6090-452-7800.
Route Sheets and Sign-In sheet will be at the Doral Forrestal Hotel if you arrive after we leave. If you weren't pre-registered or didn't notify by June 23rd, noon, we won't expect you.

You MUST pre-register online at
Includes route sheet, brevet card, Hammer Gel, Sustained Energy, sleepover (Weisel Youth Hostel), some controle point food, volunteers on route, food at sleepover (dinner and breakfast).

RUSA MEMBERSHIP: Check your status before the ride!
New applicants should have sent applications in BEFORE
the event in order to count the brevet.

These events are organized by New Jersey Randonneurs and sanctioned by Randonneurs USA and Audax Club USA.

ROUTE DESIGN: Tom Rosenbauer and Lulu Weschler. Scouted by Tom, Lulu and Diane.

TERRAIN: First loop of 250 miles is HILLY and STEEP. Second loop is fairly flat.

CONTROLE POINTS: Mostly unmanned. There will be volunteers along the route at undetermined points at the time of this posting. Doral will be manned.

FOOD and RESTROOMS: Plan to purchase food along the way ...

Brevets are NOT century rides or races. PLEASE obey all NJ Bicycling Laws - that means stopping at traffic lights, staying in the far right lane riding single file to allow motor vehicles to pass, and using hand signals. For safety, helmet mirrors are highly recommended.

Courtesy to all pedestrians, vendors, controle points, vehicles, etc... will help keep the brevets welcome. Patronage of stores which allow use of restrooms is common courtesy.

Saturday, June 25, 2005
4 a.m. (6/12) - 6 p.m. (6/13)
(40 hour time limit)

Princeton Weather Prediction

Pennsylvania Counties: Montgomery and Bucks

New Jersey Counties: Mercer, Sommerset, Hunderton

Chris Scherer Ride Report

Lighting Requirements See RUSA Rider Rules - Article 6. Penalties will be enforced.

If you do not have proper lighting at the start, you will not be allowed to start until daylight.
If you are found on the route with lights which do not work, you will be pulled off the course until daylight.
If you are caught riding in a group but are "saving your lights" by turning them off and relying on the illumination of other riders, you will be given a warning and if caught a second time, will be removed from the course (that means DQ).

We only want riders to have a safe, enjoyable ride.

Above riders depict proper gear and lighting for a typical 600K-1200K event ... prepared for all weather - rain, heat, day and night.

Royal Bunin - PA (on route - w/Diane)

Kyle Chu - NJ (on route - evening)

Steve Hallett - NJ (on route)

Barbara Harris - NJ (Hostel)

Diane Goodwin - NJ (on route)

Heather O'Conner - PA (Hostel)

Leroy and Edith Varga - NJ (on route)

BAG Drops: One, at the Weisel Hostel. We will NOT take lights on route. You need these in case of inclement weather.

PARKING: Princeton Forrestal Village Center,
201 Village Blvd, Princeton, NJ 08540.

Guests of Doral Forrestal may park at the hotel.

The 2005 ACP brevet medals will be available for purchase ($10) upon completion of the brevet. Only RUSA members are eligible to purchase medals. If you are not a RUSA member, please fill out an application before the event and mail your money to RUSA. Let me know if you are "pending" status. Pending applications hold up the results process ... please consider participants who are already RUSA members. Thank you ....

CUE SHEETS ... are only available to registered riders. Scouting the final route will take place June 25 and 26. Finalized cue sheet should be available on Monday, June 20.


2004 Recap of BMB by Laurent Chambard (Microsoft Word doc)

2004 Recap of BMB by Greg Schild (Microsoft Word doc)