September 2004
Hillier Than Thou - September 2004 - Central Jersey Bicycle Club
December 2004
B* - December 11, 2004
Bicycle Touring Club of Northern Jeresy (Robert Singer leader)
January 2005
170K DC New Year's Populaire
DC Randonneurs
February 2005
"Spittin' In The Wind"
photos, results and write-up - Nate Morgenstern.

Snow Storm Commute
by Diane Goodwin

March 2005
Arizona Desert Camp - Coaching Week by Diane Goodwin
May 2005
"Slaughtering of the Lambs" DC 300K photos, write-ups - Diane Goodwin, Rudy Hewitt and Ed Felker

May Fleche
Team Carnivore completes DC Fleche - by Tom Rosenbauer

July 2005
Gold Rush Randonnee - by Laurent Chambard
Paris-Brest-Paris 2003