2004 - 600K Princeton Brevet Photo Gallery ..... Page 3 - First 250 miles and Finish
1- River Road - NJ side of Delaware River 2-Cabins on River Road 3-Delaware River - around 5 p.m. Saturday 4-Hot Air balloons - a common on our brevets. 5- "The tunnel" on River Road
6-Turning to right on River Road 7-Bill and Diane Bryson and family ... Leroy Varga at secret controle. 8-Rudy Hewitt ... at the finish 9-Steve Hallet modeling his 600K "goody" glasses 10- My "special" parking space - I parked here from 2:30 a.m. on Sunday 'til 6 a.m. on Monday!
11-Richard Ruge ... future RAAM rider? 12-Lulu (background) and Virgil Luca arriving to finish 13-March Hnatov and Virgil at finish 14-Lulu and Mark discussing future brevets. 15-Crista Borras and Chuck Wood at finish.
16-Steve, Chuck, Crista and Tom at finish. 17-Ed Borer arriving at 24 mph! 18-Wendy Williams also arriving at 24 mph! 19-Stephen Balinski also arriving at 24mph!
20-Wendy still can't believe she finished!
21-Mark Hnatov, hanging out at the finish to cheer more riders on. 22-Judson Hand, also at the finish congratulating arrivals. 23-Ed Borer receiving congratulations from Steve Hallet 24-Wendy Williams being congratulated by Linda McAdams via cell phone. 25-Stephen Balinski still can't believe he's at the finish ...