2004 - 600K Princeton Brevet Photo Gallery ..... Page 1
1- Cranbury, NJ 2-Cranbury, NJ 3-Typical scene of 200K section (2nd day) 4-Phylanx Road, Monmouth County, NJ 5- Wall belongs to someone's house
6-Freehold WaWa 7-Where can you find this bear? 8-New Egypt WaWa - 200K section 9-Tom Rosenbauer checking in at Doral Friday night 10- Tom R and Wendy Williams waiting for group to go out and eat pre-ride dinner
11-One of Rudy's riding companions 12-Rudy's "Judy" 13-Virgil Luca and Leroy Varga 14-First two riders (Tom and Virgil) into Pt. Pleasant, PA 15-Richard Ruge checking in with Ed Borer in background
16-Chuck Wood and Crista Borras - tandem #1 17-Mary Crawley and Paul Shapiro - tandem #2 18-Pat Cole - tandem #3 19-Jay Ambroson - tandem #3
20-Mary Crawley checking in
21-Close look at Virgil's mirror 22-Full view of Virgil's bike - all the way from Quebec, Canada 23-Lafayette College, Easton, PA straight ahead 24-Wendy Williams checking in 25-Ted Borer arriving at Pt Pleasant, PA
26-Ted B, Leroy V and Ed Borer (first time volunteer) 26-Rudy Hewitt 27-Wendy, Pat, Jay, Ted and Stephen 28-Paul and Mary 29-Chuck and Crista
30-Chuck and Crista 31-Judson Hand 32-Lake Noximixon, PA 33-Tom Rosenbauer, 400K section route creator 34-Virgil Luca, Quebec, Canada - completer of Quadzilla